Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer decides to finish her career

At the end of a glorious career that she began at six-years-old, after two Olympic Games and winning five international tournaments, Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer announced that she will be retiring from tennis.
Peer at the peak of her career Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Israeli tennis player Shahar Peer announced today (Tuesday) that she will be ending her outstanding tennis career. Peer, who will soon be 30-years-old, began her path to the tennis courts at the prime age of six and has been exceptionally successful. At her peak in 2011, Peer was ranked at 11th place in the world Women’s Tennis Rankings, making her the highest ranking Israeli tennis player in history.

Throughout her career, Peer won five international tournaments and made it to the Australian and US Open Grand Slam Quarter Finals. She represented Israel for many years on the national team and in the Olympics.

“The happiest moment for me was actually not on the tennis court, but when I lit the torch on the eve of Independence Day,” Peer said in an interview with Channel 2 News, in which she announced her retirement. “I understood at that moment that people don’t look at me simply as Shahar the tennis player, but rather me as a person, at my personality and the way in which I represented Israel to the world.”

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