Arab-Israeli planned to join ISIS in Syria

The Israel Police and the Shin Bet arrested a Jaljulia resident who contacted ISIS in Syria with the intentions to join the organization. During a search of his home, weapons used by the suspect for practice were found.
Archive Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

An Israeli-Arab citizen, residing in the town of Jaljulia, was arrested for the support of the terrorist organization ISIS. Today (Wednesday), the Shin Ben and the Israel Police revealed details of the case. The suspect was a minor at the time of the committed charges and intended to join ISIS in Syria.   

The arrest of the suspect was made possible after receiving accurate intel that proved his intentions to go to Syria. The Shin Bet investigation revealed that the suspect was “becoming more religious" and began to support ISIS. He kept contact with ISIS fighters in Syria and told them of his desire to join the fighting.

“The suspect was in possession of an Uzi submachine gun and a Glock pistol,” stated the Shin Bet. “While investigating the suspect, many pictures were found proving his support for the ISIS terror organization and his connection to the firearms.”

Illustration Photo credit:123rf/Channel 2 News

The security agency added that it “is closely monitoring ISIS support networks among Israeli citizens using many advanced tools in order to prevent their departure to Syria.”

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