Alleged Israeli attack in Syria part of quiet operations, military correspondent says

Channel 2 News' military commentator Roni Daniel explained that Israel is constantly carrying out covert operations against the Hezbollah terrorist group. Daniel claims that Israel is only attacking in Syria because it is feared that if the IDF attacked in Lebanon, a war would break out.

Watch: Footage of the center targeted in the alleged Israeli attack

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After Syria accused Israel of carrying out the airstrike that destroyed a missile and chemical weapon development site near Hama, Channel 2 News' military commentator Roni Daniel explained that the attack is not as unusual as some are claiming. According to Daniel, while the target was slightly different than the previous targets destroyed in alleged Israeli attacks, the overnight airstrike joins the list of airstrikes attributed to the IDF, which were mainly focused on preventing the transfer of advanced weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

"We count the various battles- the First Lebanon War, the Second [Lebanon War], the IDF's operations in the Gaza Strip- [but] the thing is that between these battles, quiet and as invisible as possible battles are taking place all the time," he explained. "The purpose of all the activities is to decrease the capabilities, harm the ammunition routes of Hezbollah mainly but also [those] of the Syrian Army."

The attack (L), the facility that was attacked (R) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to the former IDF officer, the attacks targeting the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah have created "an immunity space" for the Lebanese terrorist group. "Israel does not attack targets in Lebanon, fearing that Hezbollah will respond and thus we will be dragged into a violent round [of fighting], but rather [only targets] in Syria, which, due to the current state of its army, it's very doubtful that it will respond."

Daniel concluded that Israel's goal has remained the same: to prevent Hezbollah from obtaining advanced weapons. According to Daniel, it appears that the attacks in Syria against weapon convoys and facilities similar to the one struck last night will continue.

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