Iranian drone downed by Israel appears to have been based on US model

As indicated by new pictures from the scene, the Iranian drone downed by Israel on Saturday morning was copied off a US RQ-170 stealth drone that was captured by Iranian forces in December 2011.
A HESA Saeqeh of the Iranian Air Force Photo credit: Wikipedia

New pictures of the Iranian drone downed by Israel on Saturday morning indicate that it is based on an American model and that its technology was apparently copied from a US drone captured by Iranian forces in 2011.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards unveiled the model, named Saeqeh, two years ago. According to The Aviationist magazine, it appears to be based on the American RQ-170 stealth drone, developed by Lockheed Martin, which was captured in December 2011 near the city of Kashmar.

According to assessments by Israeli officials, the Iranians were not expecting Israel to launch a retaliatory strike, considering the fact that the Syrian T4 airbase is also populated by Russian troops.

IAF Air Staff Commander Brig. Gen. Tomer Bar said the Iranian drone spent about a minute and a half in Israel's airspace. He added that the Israeli strike caused "substantial damage" to the Syrian defense system.

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