Egypt aims towards re-igniting diplomatic negotiations between Israel and Hamas

Egypt has formulated a new prisoner exchange outline between Israel and Hamas, a deal already that has already been presented to the terrorist organization and will soon be presented before Israel. The outline states that Israel will send Hamas prisoners’ bodies in return for information regarding the Israelis whom they are holding captive.
Goldin and Shaul Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Egypt has formulated a new outline for a prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas. The outline was already presented in Cairo to the Hamas terrorist leadership and will soon be handed over to Israel for a glance. First and foremost, the outline aims at re-igniting diplomatic negotiations between the two sides.

According to the layout, 39 Hamas prisoners’ bodies will be released to the Gaza Strip and in return, Hamas will reveal details concerning the bodies and the IDF soldiers whom they are holding captive. Afterwards, Israel will release the prisoners from the Gilad Shalit deal, who were re-arrested, and Egypt will begin mediating negotiations between the two sides. The layout’s other objective is to convince Hamas to reveal information without releasing any prisoners who are alive.

The outline was presented as part of a larger deal aimed at reaching a reconciliation between Hamas and Fatah. The entire leadership of the terrorist organization traveled to Cairo for a meeting concerning the matter and even agreed to hand over the administration in Gaza to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas. Tomorrow, Abbas is sending a delegation to Cairo to discuss the matter.

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