In a Reversal of Character the EU Condemns Hamas Attacks Against Israel

Called on Israel to continue to "exercise restraint" and do its best "to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza."
The Hemicycle of the European Parliament in Strasbourg during a plenary session in 2014. (David Ilif via Wikipedia)

The European Union (EU) described as "unacceptable" the launching of rockets from Gaza and other actions by Hamas and other Palestinian terrorist groups against Israel and considered it a priority "to prevent the escalation of violence" and protect civilians.

For the EU, the increase in tensions in recent days "has led to Gaza and Israel in a dangerous way near greater conflict," according to a statement from the European External Action Service.

"The first priority now is to avoid escalation and that the lives of civilians are not at greater risk," said the EU, which relied on the rapid recovery of the wounded.

For the Twenty-eight, "the firing of rockets from Gaza into the communities of southern Israel and other violent actions and provocations against Israel by Hamas and other Palestinian militias is totally unacceptable."

On the other hand, the EU recognized Israel's "right to defend itself," but called on it to continue to "exercise restraint" and do its best "to prevent civilian casualties in Gaza."

"The death of a pregnant Palestinian mother and her son in this latest escalation is a tragic loss," the statement added.

The EEAS reiterated "their full support for efforts by Egypt and the United Nations to reduce tensions and alleviate the situation in Gaza, including improving the international response to the current crisis and facilitating movement and access."

"We will continue to work together with our partners to address the humanitarian situation and support intra-Palestinian reconciliation to bring Gaza and the West Bank together under a single and legitimate Palestinian Authority," he said

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