Israeli Interior Minister grants Iranian journalist asylum as her ‘life is in real danger’

Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri granted Nada Amin’s request for asylum in Israel after she fled from Iran to Turkey and is about to be deported. “She is being investigated by Turkish authorities for baseless accusations of spying for Israel,” read the request submitted by the Israeli Journalists Association.
Iranian Journalist Nada Amin Photo Credit: Nada’s Twitter account/Channel 2 News

Three years ago, Iranian journalist Nada Amin fled Iran, where she is expected to face a death sentence. The Israeli Journalists Association submitted a request for asylum within Israel in Amin’s name and today (Sunday), Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced that he has granted the journalist’s request to enter Israel on a tourist visa.

“Interior Minister Deri accepted the Jerusalem and National Journalists Associations’ request to permit entrance to the Iranian journalist, who writes for the Times of Israel,” the Israeli Interior Ministry wrote in a statement. “This is a journalist whose life is in real danger simply for writing columns in an Israeli news site. In these clear humanitarian circumstances, I have authorized her entry without hesitation.”

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Amin is currently in Turkey, where she fled to from Iran three years ago. However, Turkey informed her that it would deport her back to Iran within the next few days, where she can expect to receive a death sentence. In the letter sent by Jerusalem Journalists Association Director Achiya Ginossar to Deri, the Journalists Association members sought to approve Amin’s entry and stay in Israel as an asylum seeker who is being persecuted for her job as a journalist and whose life is in danger. 

“Nada fled from Iran to Turkey three years ago and she is currently being investigated by Turkish authorities for baseless accusations of spying for Israel,” the Journalists Association wrote in its request.

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