ISIS operating uncomfortably close to Israeli border

Three organizations affiliated with ISIS began a joint operation three months ago in the southern part of the Syrian Golan.
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The Islamic State has increased its presence in the Syrian Southern Golan Heights. Three organizations have banded together and call themselves, “The Haled Ben Walid Army.” In the first video posted, ISIS publicized the army and its endeavors to capture the Armok Valley.

This area borders Syria, Jordan and Israel. They are fighting rebel armies such as the “Free Syria Army.” ISIS describes them as mercenaries for Jordan and the US. They have taken over scores of tanks and other equipment to maintain their control in this area. They also use car bombs to assassinate rival army leaders.

This is an uncomfortable distance from the Israeli border. Here, they enforce brutal forms of punishment such as whipping for minor misdemeanors. Currently, Israel is not one of their targets. They are concentrating on internal rivals in Syria.

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