Islamic Republic of Iran attempts to target pro-Israel Kurdish dissidents

According to local sources, 7 Kurds were killed and pro-Israel Kurdish dissident Muhammed Alizadeh was wounded in a double bomb attack in Northern Iraq. Locals reported that the Iranian regime was responsible for the attack.
Photo Credit: Muhammed Alizadeh

According to a report from Kurdish sources in Northern Iraq, pro-Israel Kurdish rebel Muhammed Alizadeh was wounded and 7 other Kurds were killed in a double bomb attack yesterday in a rare assault upon the Kurdish Autonomous Region in Northern Iraq. Iranian dissident Mohsen Behzad Karimi reported that the attack took place while the Kurdish people were celebrating Yalda, the longest night of the year and also the birthday of the Iranian Kurdish hero Dr Qasemloo, who was assassinated in 1991 by the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vienna.

Local sources reported that the blast hit the town of Koysinjaq at about 10:00pm local time, killing 5 members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, a pro-democracy dissident group opposed to the Iranian regime. Their group has been battling the Iranian Revolutionary Guards for decades. Naser Karimi, a Peshmerga fighter, told JerusalemOnline, “We are fighting for freedom and peace. Terror is not our answer.”

According to Mohsen Karimi, “As the guards were examining the cause of the blast which set a grocery store on fire, the second blast went off that resulted in the death of the 5 Peshmerga and two local security officers in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.” The second blast went off next to the headquarters of the Kurdish Party of Iranian Kurdistan. In an exclusive interview with JerusalemOnline, Shresh Shahbaz reported that the first explosion “was a sound bomb and a trap to get more victims to the area in order to increase the number of causalities. Thank G-d, the women and children were forbidden to rush to the scene. Otherwise, the second explosion was enough to kill at least two dozen people.”

Alizadeh told JerusalemOnline following the attack that he was wounded in both of his legs during the terror attack but there is no danger to his life.  He blames the Iranian Intelligence for the attack and stressed that they have been threatening his life for some time. Shahbaz concurred with Alizadeh: “As we do not have any other enemy besides the Islamic Republic of Iran, we are surely holding the regime responsible for the ongoing terror campaign against Iranian Kurdish political parties. What we found out as result of this incident is the target for the regime is not anymore only the Peshmergas for they are openly willing to target our families as well. Yesterday was a celebration and they knew for sure that there are civilians present in our conference salon but as the world has seen clearly, they don’t care who they are targeting.”

According to Shahbaz, there is no safe area for Kurdish dissidents living in Iraqi Kurdistan: “Only in this area, over 900 families are living who are registered as refugees by the UNHCR but so far, no action has been taken to move them to a third country. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers our families to be a soft target and this incident will happen again.” Prior to the attack upon the members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, Alizadeh complained that he received numerous threats against his life from the Iranian regime after he contributed towards numerous pro-Israel and anti-Iran articles in JerusalemOnline.  He is a known activist seeking peaceful coexistence with the Jewish people and has been involved with battling the Iranian regime.  

In response to this attack, Iranian human rights activist Kaveh Taheri, who lives in exile in Turkey, told JerusalemOnline: “Terror is terror and terrorism is terrorism.  Terrorism results in fear and chaos, not freedom.  Terrorism makes the societies more and more unsafe and it never helps humanity. The Iranian regime has practiced terrorism against dissidents since the 1979 Islamic Revolution in order to crack down on civilian movements.  Thousands of defenseless citizens and activists have been killed or injured by the government-backed hardliners or the plain-clothed bombers.  I condemn the terror attacks in Kurdistan, Turkey, Syria and the European countries.”

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