Israeli Foreign Ministry appoints new ambassador to Jordan amid diplomatic rift

After Amman demanded that Israel appoint a new ambassador following a July shooting incident, The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday it has appointed Amir Weissbrod for the position. The new appointment, which is still pending final approval, would bring an end to the diplomatic crisis between the countries that has been ongoing since the incident.
Prime Minister Netanyahu and King Abdullah II Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon/GPO

The Israeli Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday the appointment of Amir Weissbrod as Israel’s new ambassador to Jordan. Weissbrod will replace Einat Shlain, who was removed after Amman insisted it will not allow her to return to the country following the controversial shooting incident last summer.

The new appointment, which is still pending final approval from the Israeli government, constitutes an end to an ongoing diplomatic crisis between the neighboring countries. The rift erupted after a Jordanian man attacked Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal with a screwdriver, whereupon Moyal killed the assailant. A second Jordanian was also killed in the incident.

The Israeli ambassador to Jordan, as well as her staff, have remained in Israel since the shooting. During a meeting with Jordanian ministers, Jordan's King Abdullah II said at the time that Israel must take the necessary legal steps to investigate the matter. “Getting justice is at the top of our priorities and we are following the steps that Israel is taking closely,” he said. “We are closely keeping an eye on what’s happening, but the challenge is political, not just [a matter of] security.”

The Shin-Bet investigated the details of the incident in a long probe. The agency concluded that the security guard was attacked twice for nationalistic reasons and that he responded out of self-defense, as required and expected of him.

Last month, a report in an Arabic-language newspaper claimed that Israel has paid $5 million to the Jordanian government to compensate the families of two Jordanian citizen killed by Israelis. Israel has officially confirmed the deal but did not state the amount of money agreed upon.

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