Israel, Jordan and the PA conduct regional disaster exercise

Despite the conflict, Israel and the Palestinian Authority will engage in a five-day international disaster exercise sponsored by the European Union, during which government, medical services, and fire and rescue will practice and prepare for a region-wide disaster scenario named Middle East Forest Fires.
IDF Home Front Command Search and Rescue soldier clears rubble after a disaster Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

Despite the political deadlock, Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) will work together in an international emergency exercise, which will start tomorrow (Tuesday) in Israel and continue through Friday. The PA and government and emergency forces from Israel and other countries and will be faced with a regional disaster simulation that has harmed the Middle East.

The Middle East Forest Fires exercise includes participation by Jordan, Spain, Italy and France and is funded and sponsored by the European Union. During the disaster scenario drill, firefighting, medical and search and rescue services will cooperate.

Israel Fires in 2016 brought about regional cooperation Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90/Channel 2 News

The exercise will include more than 400 participants from various countries and will be managed and supervised by the Europeans. On Israel's behalf, representatives from the Israeli Ministry of Public Security, the Israel Police, the Israel Firefighting and Rescue Services, Magen David Adom, Home Front Command and the Israeli Foreign Ministry will participate in the drill.

The goal of the exercise is to practice life-saving techniques and preserving natural resources, regardless of countries or borders. Aside from practicing life-saving techniques and preserving nature, another objective of the exercise is to improve the teams’ abilities to effectively respond to disaster situations and exchange professional knowledge in the field of emergency management. The exercise is financially supported by the European Commission's Administration for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief.

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