Israel NGO Delivering Aid Operated Undercover In Syria

“I said my name is Gal, and I came from Israel. I am an Israeli and a Jew, and I care for you.”
Syrian refugees Photo: Bilal Hussein/AP

he Israeli NGO Israel Flying Aid has been providing humanitarian aid to Syrians for years through a “full undercover unit of all native Arabic speakers,” Gal Lusky, the head of the organization, said Monday.

In the last few days, the NGO has gone public following reports that the IDF carried out a mission last Thursday night – with the group’s help – to deliver massive amounts of humanitarian aid to refugees fleeing Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in southwestern Syria.

Lusky, in a conference call put together by The Israel Project, said her organization has been “really busy” with the IDF, providing aid on a weekly basis to Syrian refugees over the last two years.

She said Israel Flying Aid specializes in delivering aid to countries that do not have diplomatic ties with Israel.

According to Lusky, the NGO has three units working around the world.

“We have a visible Israel Flying Aid unit with our logo and name on it, and are always proud to do that,” she said.

“In countries hostile to Israel, we use a unit that uses a different name and logo that works under a cover story of a European mission.

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