Israel pays Jordan $5 million to compensate families of killed citizens

According to an Arabic-language newspaper, Israel has paid $5 million to the Jordanian government to compensate the families of two Jordanian citizens killed by Israelis in 2017 and 2014. Israel has officially confirmed the deal, but did not state the amount of money agreed upon.
PM Benjamin Netanyahu meets Israel's Ambassador to Jordan Einat Schlein and security guard Ziv Moyal upon their return to Israel Photo credit: Chaim Tzach, GPO

Israel has paid $5 million to the Jordanian government as part of a deal to end a six-month rift over the killing of its citizen by an Israeli guard, the Jordan-based Al Ghad newspaper reported on Saturday.

According to the report, the money has already been transferred to the family of the Jordanian citizen and to the family of a Jordanian judge who was mistakenly killed by Israeli forces in 2014. Israel has also reportedly issued a formal apology for both incidents.

On Thursday, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office confirmed that agreements had been made between the two countries and that the Israeli embassy in Jordan would soon reopen, though it declined to state how much money had been paid to Jordan.

"Israel regards its strategic relations with Jordan as highly important," the statement read, "and the two countries will continue to work together to further strengthen their bilateral peace treaty."

On July 23, a Jordanian man of Palestinian origin attacked Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal with a screwdriver, whereupon Moyal killed the assailant. A second Jordanian also died in the incident. Moyal worked as a security guard at the Israeli embassy in Amman.

Moyal was flown back to Israel following the incident, as he was facing threats from the assailant's family, who demanded that he be put on trial and sentenced to death. The Israeli Ambassador to Jordan, Einat Schlein, was returned to Israel as well.

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