Israeli politicians responds to Syrian massacre: “These pictures need to shock the entire world”

The terrifying reports according to which Assad used chemical weapons against his own people aroused an angry response across the Israeli political spectrum. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned it and Bennett proclaimed: “The world must act against the chemical massacre in Syria.”
Photo Credit: Twitter/Channel 2 News

 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strongly condemned the chemical attack in Syria: “When I saw the pictures of babies suffocating from a chemical attack in Syria, I was shocked and outraged. There is no excuse whatsoever for the deliberate attack upon civilians and children especially with cruel and outlawed chemical weapons.”

“I call upon the international community to fulfill its obligations from 2013 to finally fully remove these chemical weapons from Syria,” Netanyahu declared. “This cruel war stresses the great imperative to always defend ourselves by ourselves in the face of every enemy and every threat.”

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Also Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett addressed the issue: “Children are choking to death. The world must act against the chemical massacre in Syria. I call upon President Trump to lead this effort.”

In addition, Israeli Opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog strongly condemned the chemical attack in Syria: “What happened in Syria is a crime against humanity by a murderous regime that has lost all human dignity. It is forbidden for the US and the world to not stand up to horrors and they must take practical steps to stop the madness.”

“I call upon President Trump as the leader of the free world to lead an aggressive and active policy to protect innocent people,” Herzog declared. “All legitimacy for Assad’s regime provides support for a murderous regime that commits serious and unacceptable crimes against the innocent.”

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