Israeli Foreign Ministry slams Erdoğan's remarks on Temple Mount crisis

Officials in the Israeli Foreign Ministry said the Turkish president's remarks, that Israel was "trying to steal al-Aqsa from the Muslims" were "twisted and far-fetched."

The removing of the metal detectors on Temple Mount

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The Israeli Foreign Ministry has sharply condemned Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's recent remarks against Israel's actions in East Jerusalem and on Temple Mount.

Erdoğan on Tuesday urged Muslim worshipers to "protect" the holy sites in East Jerusalem. "Israel is well aware that its decision to place restrictions on the entry to al-Aqsa did not come from security considerations," he said. "Israel is trying to steal al-Aqsa from the Muslims using terrorism as an excuse."

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"The days of the Ottoman Empire are long gone," said Foreign Ministry officials. "Jerusalem was, is and always will be the capital city of the Jewish people."

They also called Erdoğan's remarks "twisted and far-fetched," adding, mockingly, "When you're living in a glass castle, you'd better not throw stones."

A statement issued by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office said, "It's interesting what Erdoğan will have to say to the residents of northern Cyprus and the Kurds. He is the last person to criticize Israel."

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