Israel taking care of Syrian wounded; 2-year-old girl in critical condition being treated in Jewish state

Over the weekend, 7 wounded Syrians arrived in Israel in critical condition among them a 2-year-old child. Israeli soldiers provided medical care and evacuated them to hospitals in Northern Israel.
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While Israel has refrained from getting involved in the Syrian Civil War, over the past 4 years, Israel has provided medical assistance to Syrians who reached the border. The same thing happened last weekend. 7 Syrians were wounded from shrapnel during fighting in the villages near the border. They were treated by IDF medical teams and were transferred to hospitals within Israel.

Among the wounded was a 2-year-old girl, who was critically injured in the head. Due to the immediate need to be evacuated to a hospital, the girl was evacuated together with her mother by helicopter. The rest of the wounded were evacuated to nearby hospitals in the northern part of the country.

Deputy Omri Casspi described what occurred Thursday evening: “We received a report about the wounded that are coming in and started to prepare. From the moment we saw the nature of the incident and that there were 7 people with complex injuries, more teams arrived and we even chose to use an air force helicopter in order to help them be evacuated and to give them the best treatment.”

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