Israel: Sakhnin resident sentenced to prison after joining ISIS with wife and 3 children

Wissam Zabidat from Sakhnin was sentenced to 70 months in prison after being convicted for joining ISIS with his wife and three children and fighting within the ranks of the terrorist organization. His wife, Sabrin, received a four-year prison sentence and the court ruled that his sentence should be harsher than his wife’s.
Zabidat in court Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Haifa District Court sentenced Sakhnin resident Wissam Zabidat to five years in prison today (Friday) after being convicted for joining ISIS with his wife and three children. Wissam received his sentence about six months after his wife, Sabrin, was sentenced to four years in prison.

The verdict determined that Wissam traveled with his wife and three children to Iraq two years ago, where he fought within the terrorist organization’s ranks in Syria and Iraq. Sabrin was sent to prison, while Wissam claimed during the trial that he was dragged by his wife, who led him to fight with ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and that she was the dominant figure in the case.

Sabrin Zabidat in court Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

However, the court ruling determined that this was a disingenuous attempt to portray the defendant as being dragged by his wife. “The impression I received was that the defendant and his wife built a version of protection, according to which the wife would take the responsibility upon herself and maybe because she is a mother to three children, she would receive a lighter sentence,” the judge stated during the verdict reading. “The defendant also believed that he would receive a lighter sentence because of the same situation.”

The court decided to convict the defendant of all of the offenses attributed to him in the indictment: contact with a foreign agent, leaving the country illegally, membership within an illegal organization, membership within a terrorist organization and providing service for an illegal organization, along with illegal military training, which he received while fighting within the ranks of ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

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