Indictment: Israeli convert to Islam sought to join ISIS in Syria

An indictment was filed against a 40-year-old resident of Northern Israel, who is suspected of asking to join the murderous terror group in Syria. The accused, who made Aliyah from Belarus and converted to Islam, was arrested after purchasing tickets to Turkey.
Photo Credit: Shin Bet/Channel 2 News

It was released for publication today that after a joint operation performed by the Shin Bet and Israel Police three weeks ago, a 40-year-old Israeli citizen was arrested due to the suspicion that he sought to join ISIS in Syria. The suspect, Valentine Vladimir Mazlovsky, a resident of Northern Israel who is married with 5 children, was arrested after intelligence was received regarding him. The indictment against him was submitted today.

According to the intelligence information that was received, Mazlovsky made Aliyah from the Belarus in 1996 and converted to Islam in 2000. After that, he met his partner, who is a resident of the Israeli Arab town of Shibli. The Shin Bet stated that Mazlovsky supported ISIS in an interview and bought tickets to Turkey so that he could proceed to join ISIS in Syria.

The investigation further revealed that Mazlovsky was active in groups that support ISIS on the internet, shared his intention to go to Syria and even coordinated his arrival. The Shin Bet stated that Israelis going to Syria and Iraq is “the most dangerous phenomenon.”

“We see ISIS supporters in Israel as a severe security threat and therefore will continue to take all measures at our disposal in order to thwart this threat and to bring to justice all of those involved in this activity,” the Shin Bet stated.  

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