Israeli Embassy in Cairo reopens

The Israeli Embassy in Egypt is now in operation again after four years. In 2011, Israeli diplomats were forced to evacuate the embassy. Since the rise of Sisi’s government, Israeli-Egyptian relations have greatly improved.
Dore Gold in Cairo Photo Credit: Israeli Embassy

Today, the Israeli Embassy in Cairo is once again operational, after being closed for about four years following the revolution within the country that led to the rise of a Muslim Brotherhood government.   Disturbances broke out when masses of Egyptian rioters attacked the embassy and imposed a siege on its small diplomatic staff.

The embassy was inaugurated this morning by the Director General of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Dore Gold, Israel’s Ambassador to Egypt Haim Koren, and senior level members of the Egyptian Foreign Ministry.   Until now, the Israeli Ambassador worked from home and before that, the American Embassy compound in Cairo.

A number of weeks ago, Gold took part in his first official delegation to Egypt, as diplomatic relations between the two countries have greatly improved since Sisi came to power.   The opening of the Israeli Embassy was released for publication after the Israeli delegation returned safely to Israel.   Also, Egyptian President Abdul Fattah El-Sisi approved the appointment of an Egyptian Ambassador to Israel.  His name is Hazem Khairat and he is expected to fulfill his position inside the embassy in Tel Aviv.

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