Israeli guard who killed Jordanian assailant questioned about incident

The guard, who worked at the embassy in Jordan, claimed the incident had been nationalistically-based, rejecting Jordan's claims that it had started over a fight about furniture.
Netanyahu meeting the Israeli guard Photo credit: Chaim Tzach, GPO/Channel 2 News

The Israeli security guard who shot dead a Jordanian man who attempted to stab him was questioned on Thursday by Israeli authorities about the incident, according to an exclusive Channel 2 News report.

The guard claimed the incident had been nationalistically-based, in contrast to Jordan's claim that the argument started after the guard had complained that the furniture delivered by the Jordanian man had arrived late.

The unusual incident, which sparked a diplomatic crisis between Israel and Jordan, was addressed earlier on Thursday by Jordan's King Abdullah II, who sharply criticized Israel's handling of it.

The king described Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's behavior as "provocative" and said it "infuriated us and fueled the extremists."

Sky News Arabia has reported that Jordan decided not to allow the Israeli embassy staff back in Amman until the guard is put on trial.

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