In response to Russia, Israeli official says Iran is to blame for situation in Syria

Responding to Russia's claim that Israel has escalated the instability in Syria, a senior Israeli official said on Thursday Iran, not Israel, is responsible for the deteriorating situation in Syria.
An airstrike in Syria Photo credit: Wikipedia

After Russia's condemnation of Israel's alleged strike in Syria, a senior Israeli official said on Thursday the blame for the situation in Syria lies solely with Iran.

"The only thing undermining the stability in Syria is the Iranian aggression and Iran's attempts to entrench itself militarily in Syria in order to threaten Israel and other countries," the official said.

These comments were made following a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry accusing Israel of "escalating the instability in Syria" with its alleged strike on a Syrian airbase earlier this week. The ministry also denounced the latest statements made by US President Donald Trump regarding a possible US strike in Syria, calling them "militarist" and a violation of UN agreements.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the leader of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps warned on Thursday that Iran is "capable of destroying Israel" and urged Israel "to avoid taking stupid steps" if it wants to exist.

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