Ch. 2 News commentator: When ‘spillover fire’ is deliberate, Israel knows how to respond

According to Channel 2 News’ Roni Daniel, the fighting in Syria has escalated and this is why Israel’s northern region has recently been the scene of several errant fire cases. However, Daniel stressed that when Israel determines that the “spillover fire” was not accidental, the IDF responds in an appropriate manner.
Archive Photo Credit: Basel Awidat/Flash 90

In the past week, the fighting between the rebel forces and the Syrian Army appeared to be closer than before along Israel’s northern border with Syria as four cases of spillover fire were reported in the Golan Heights. Due to these incidents, the IDF even decided to seal off areas near the border and many in Israel are wondering whether these were really cases of errant fire.

When it is determined that the peace in the Israeli Golan Heights was intentionally disturbed, explained Channel 2 News’ Israeli military correspondent Roni Daniel on Saturday, the IDF responds in a serious manner. For instance, in the case of “errant tank fire” a few days ago, the IDF powerfully fired back, destroying two tanks and a Syrian Army post.

Daniel also explained why Israel’s northern region has recently seen an increase of spillover fire. According to him, the fighting between the Syrian Army and Al-Nusra Front has escalated, reaching the highest level in the past six years, and therefore some mortar shells occasionally land in Israeli territory.

“When the spillover is a matter of a few meters, there’s no Israeli response,” he clarified. “When it’s more than that, like we’ve seen, we also know here how to respond in an appropriate way.”

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