New Israeli-Jordanian crisis brewing: Israeli security guard shoots assailant in Amman

A 17-year-old Jordanian stabbed an Israeli security guard who works at the embassy in Amman on Sunday night. The security guard responded by shooting the attacker, who eventually succumbed to his wounds. Israel is refusing to allow the Jordanian authorities to question the security guard, who is currently inside the embassy.
Amman, last night Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication on Monday morning that a Jordanian man arrived at the home of a security guard who works at the Israeli embassy in Amman and attacked him with a screwdriver. The Israeli security guard, who responded by shooting the attacker, was slightly injured. 

Israel is refusing to allow the Jordanian authorities to question the Israeli, claiming that according to the Vienna Convention, he has diplomatic immunity. All of the Israeli security guards who work at the embassy are currently being kept at the compound. The family of the assailant is demanding that the security guard stand trial and receive the death penalty.

The attacker was neutralized at the scene but succumbed to his wounds eventually. During the incident, the home owner was also shot. He also died of his injuries shortly thereafter. The security guard arrived at the embassy after the shooting, knowing that he is protected by the Vienna Convention from being questioned and arrested.

The attacker has been identified as 17-year-old Mohammed Zakaria al-Jawawdeh. His father is a Palestinian from Hebron. According to the reports in Jordan, the incident took place due to a dispute over money.

As part of the efforts to bring the security guard to Israel, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke over the phone last night with Israeli Ambassador to Jordan Einat Schlein and the security guard himself. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry and Israeli security establishment are in contact with the Jordanian authorities regarding the issue.

The Israeli Embassy in Jordan Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The serious incident comes amid the public dispute that erupted last week between Israel and Jordan following the terror attack at the Temple Mount, which claimed the lives of two Israeli police officers. Jordan urged Israel to reopen the holy site immediately to Muslim worshipers. However, Israel only reopened the Temple Mount on Sunday afternoon, after it had been closed since Friday morning. “Instead of condemning the terror attack, Jordan decided to attack Israel, which protects the worshipers and maintains freedom of religion at the site,” Israel said in a statement.

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