Jordanian Opposition supports peace with Israel

The Jordanian Opposition Coalition released its Social, Economic and Political Platform that supports peace with Israel and calls to take a tough stance against all terror groups, radical Islamists, and those that incite hatred.
Jordanian leader Mudar Zahran with Israeli journalist Rachel Avraham and Middle East scholar Mordechai Kedar Photo Credit: Facebook

The Jordanian Opposition Coalition has just released its Social, Economic, and Political Platform that supports peace with the State of Israel, strong measures against terrorism, promotes religious freedom, calls for the elimination of discrimination, and grants all Palestinians that have lived within Jordan Palestinian citizenship.    “This plan is being constructed on a solid foundation with peace as its central pillar,” Mudar Zahran, leader of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, stated.

“We are preparing for the day when the King steps aside and stops using Jordan as his own fiefdom,” he added. “We hope that it is sooner rather than later. Over the last few years, not only has Jordan been attacked by those who don’t want peace on the battlefield but it has become clear that the Arab Spring has passed over the country, meaning that Jordan is languishing in obscurity as wars, policies and economic decisions are either made by others that force us to follow or never happen thanks to the continued inactions by the King.”

Zahran pointed out that Jordan’s King Abdallah II has been publically absent from the country and is apparently playing the role of an absentee landlord. He noted that this has allowed political lackey’s to further mismanage Jordan’s resources and literally steal billions of dollars away from the country. This has led to the establishment of a reckless alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood, who are recognized terrorists that own their own TV station, a $3 billion trust fund and they are legally registered as a charity within the country.

“We will not allow for Jordan to suffer the fate other Arab countries like Syria, Libya or Tunisia have as their Arab Spring’s turned into nightmares,” Zahran continued. “Our mission is to replace the king in an interim government when he leaves, and to save our country from unrest and racialization. The Jordanian Opposition Coalition is dedicated to establishing a high functioning parliamentary government that will not only rewrite but enact a new constitution that will be of the people, by the people and for the people.”

“The Jordanian Opposition Coalition views peace with Israel as a strategic choice that is fundamental to the growth and development of Jordan’s stability, economy and social prosperity,” the Jordanian Opposition Coalition Platform reads. The platform supports economic, cultural, and educational cooperation between Israel and Jordan that so far has not existed. It also calls to eliminate all hateful incitement that one presently finds circulating within the Jordanian media. The Jordanian Opposition Coalition seeks for Jordan and Israel to have a mutual defense agreement and transform the present cold peace into a truly warm peace based upon friendly coexistence.

The Jordanian Opposition Coalition Platform has the following to state to the Palestinian Authority: “The PA must either reign in Hamas and thus provide for them elections and civil rights like they have in the West Bank or separate themselves from them.” It calls upon the Palestinian Authority to support peace rather than hinder it “with fundamentalist doctrine and hateful incitement,” calling upon the PA to end their corruption and hateful incitement that has caused unrest among the Palestinian people. However, they had even harsher words for Hamas: “We strongly believe that Hamas must give up all violent acts and reform their ideology. If they can’t, then they should disband for the benefit of the Palestinian people.”

The Jordanian Opposition Coalition recognizes Hezbollah as a terror organization until they “abandon their violent ways and actions against its neighbors.” They similarly are very much opposed to the Muslim Brotherhood and seek to eradicate all terrorist groups as well as radical ideologies within Jordan.

“The new Jordan will emphasize peace, cooperation and moderation with our neighbors in a proactive way rather than in the passive way because it is the best strategic option for Jordan’s future and prosperity,” Zahran stressed. “The Jordan we seek to establish is democratic, moderate, and socially positive that promotes peace and stability in the Middle East region. The Jordanian Opposition Coalition is seeking a democratic Jordan that economically thrives, is peaceful and provides for all its citizens, regardless of their ethnic origin, race, religion, or political belief.”

In conclusion, the Jordanian Opposition Coalition noted the close ties between the King and the Muslim Brotherhood, which has led to them becoming influential. Therefore, they stressed that once the King falls, which they believe is just a matter of time, it is best for the West to support them rather than the Islamists.

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