Lebanon says it will view Israeli border wall as ‘attack on Lebanon’s soil’

In a statement released Wednesday, Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council said that it will prevent Israel from building a border wall between the countries. “If this wall is built, it will be viewed as an attack on Lebanon’s soil,” the council added.
Israel's border with Lebanon Photo Credit: Hadas Parush/Flash90

Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council stated on Wednesday that it will not tolerate the Israeli construction of a border barrier between the countries. In a statement, the council said that the building of the barrier would be perceived as an attack on Lebanon.

“If this wall is built, it will be viewed as an attack on Lebanon’s soil,” the statement read, according to Israel News Company. “The council gave its orders to confront this aggression in order to prevent Israel from building the wall in Lebanon’s territory.”

As reported by JOL yesterday, Lebanese officials have announced that they intend to act both regionally and internationally to stop Israel from building the border wall. The barrier seeks to prevent Hezbollah terrorists from infiltrating Israeli territory and has been under construction for several years. Even though Israel has clarified it is building within its own sovereign territory as designated by the UN Blue Line border, the Lebanese government claims the wall would pass through Lebanese territory.

Last week, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah terror organization threatened that if the Israeli Defense Ministry does not stop building the wall, it will fire rockets at Israel. According to sources in Israel, Hezbollah will pay a “heavy price” if it attempts to escalate the tensions in the area.

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