Mortar fire from Syria fell 15 kilometers inside Israel

A mortar shell that was fired from Syria into Israel yesterday apparently reached the farthest inside the Jewish state since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War. Israeli officials believe that it was spillover from the fighting in Syria.
Photo Credit: CBN

Yesterday, a mortar shell exploded in an open area in the Northern Golan Heights and the IDF had announced that it was a spillover from the fighting within Syria. However, it was revealed this morning that it landed 15 kilometers from the Syrian-Israeli border, which means that it reached the furthest inside Israel out of any Syrian mortar shell that landed in the Jewish state since the Syrian Civil War began.

It is said to be an artillery shell with a 100 millimeter diameter that fortunately did not hit a populated area even though it was shot from a long distance. This is the second time this week a mortar shell landed at a distance from the border fence unlike on previous occasions in recent months. Israeli officials appraised that even though the mortar was fired from a significant distance, it was still a spillover from the Syrian Civil War that was caused by the inaccurate firing of the Syrian organizations.

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