Name of Israeli security guard involved in Jordanian shooting released

Ziv Moyal is the Israeli embassy security guard in Amman who shot and killed a Jordanian citizen attempting to attack him with a screwdriver along with the landlord present at the scene. The incident led to peak tensions between Israel and Jordan. Moyal’s name and photograph circulated throughout Jordanian social media and the censorship decided to permit the publication of his identity.
Moyal’s picture Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

This morning (Monday), the name of the Israeli embassy security guard involved in the shooting of two Jordanian citizens, Ziv Moyal, was released for publication. Moyal shot and killed a Jordanian citizen, who attempted to stab him with a screwdriver, along with the landlord who was present at his apartment in Amman. Moyal’s information was permitted for publication by the censorship after his diplomatic identification was released by Jordanian Al Ghad newspaper.

A picture of the diplomatic identification card that Moyal possessed while in Jordan circulated throughout social media. The identification card issued to Moyal by the Jordanian Foreign Affairs Ministry defines him as an attaché and was set to expire next month.

As reported on Friday by JOL, the Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry officially announced that Israel is conducting an investigation into the shooting incident “in accordance with the legal proceedings acceptable in these cases.”

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