Satellite images reveal damage to Syrian chemical weapon facility

Images from an Israeli satellite revealed the damage to Syrian chemical weapon facility belonging to Assad’s regime. The images also revealed the advanced S-400 missile battery that is stationed in the vicinity.
Syrian facility before and after air strike Photo Credit: ISI Intl/Channel 2 News

Satellite images taken during the weekend and released on Sunday show the damage to the Syrian military facility in western Syria after the air strike attributed to Israel on Thursday. The images also show the location of the S-400 missile battery stationed by Russia in the area to protect the facility.

The images, taken by the satellite Eros B that was manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries and is operated by the Israeli company, documented the results of the heavy strike on the area, an attack attributed to Israel by foreign sources.

The images show various damaged buildings at the site, including manufacturing and storage areas, and the location of an advanced missile battery. The battery, an S-400, is considered one of the most advanced missile batteries in the world and was recently brought into Syria with Russian assistance. Stationing such advanced interception technology in the area may point to the importance of the facility to the Syrian regime.

Syrian facility Photo Credit: ISI Intl/Channel 2 News

On Thursday, Syrian and Lebanese news outlets reported that Israel destroyed a scientific facility belonging to Assad’s regime. Israel has so far remained silent about the alleged strike. Meanwhile, Syria accused the UN Security Council of "turning a blind eye" to Israeli strikes in its territories.

S-400 missile battery Photo Credit: ISI Intl/Channel 2 News

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