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Op-Ed: Jordan's king promotes anti-Semitism

Mohammed Btaibet explains why Jordan’s king is not an ally of the State of Israel and how the Jordanian media routinely promotes anti-Semitism in order to prevent the people within the country from rallying against the regime.
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The image most Jews and especially American Jews have of Jordan's king is that of a dovish nice man, more or less like the king of Morocco. In reality, the king is everything but that. You don't have to believe me to see this.  Just listen to the Israeli Embassy in Jordan.

On June 25th, the Israeli Embassy in Amman made a first of its kind statement in which it protested Jordan's media calling for stabbing and killing Jews in Israel, and even encouraging more of such operations.

You must know that Jordan has no such thing as a free press. The newspaper which the Israeli embassy protested is partially owned by the Jordanian government and every single word is cleared by the king's intelligence office before it goes into print.

The king did not stop there. He launched his media to call for killing the Jews and butchering them. He even went the extra mile launching his very close partner the Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan to organize fake protests against the Israelis and calling for their deaths.

Now, typical naive researchers in DC think tanks would always find an excuse for this, claiming the king is doing this just because he wants to appease the public. My answer to them is if so, how come only a few hundred showed up to those protests? And how come the particular journalist who is writing and calling Jews butchers, how come he has stated to our political leader Mudar Zahran that he would not allow for the king to fall?

When will you people get it? Jordan's king is not a friend of either Jews or the Jordanian public. He does not promote anti-Semitism to appease the public but rather to make the public focus on Israel, hate Jews and be busy with Jews rather than focus on him, which is not working by the way. In the past, anti-Semitic protests attracted tens of thousands. Now, they attract barely a few hundred, half of which are Jordan's king's loyalists who even hold his pictures while protesting.

Now, on September 4th, the Israel Embassy protested again that a Jordanians newspaper was demonizing and ridiculing the faiths of both Jews and Christians. In other words, the king was still at it and telling the Israelis he does not care.

The next day, a former in-law of mine, Lawyer Ahmad Najdawi, launched a verbal Jihad to protest against the gas deal between Israel and Jordan. The Arab media picked the story up as "a Jordanian lawyer activist" is lobbying against the gas deal between Jordan and Israel.

What most people do not know is, that man, whom I know personally, is a diehard loyalist to Jordan's king and who is said to have close ties to Jordan's intelligence. He would never do such a thing without the direct orders, not only the approval, of the Jordanian intelligence.

The game Jordan's king is playing is simple. He makes his people hate Jews so they won't hate him even further for impoverishing them and at the same time, he presents to the Jews the anti-Israeli rhetoric as evidence that if he goes "anti-Israeli forces would take over.”

Let me make it clear. Those anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli forces are the king's very own loyalists and on top of those is the Muslim Brotherhood, which has its 3 billion dollars trust fund in Jordan, registered by the king as charity and bids loyalty openly to the king.

Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood is not Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and Jordan's king is not Morocco’s king.  Now, could all of the facts above change the hearts and minds of those Jews dining and wining with Jordan's king in New York or Washington DC, who are tricked into believing he is a good guy?

Either way, the king must stop his anti-Semitic rhetoric because if/when he leaves, trouble will remain for us Jordanians, Palestinians and Israelis and he would be watching us fighting from the TV of his mega California mansion.

Mohammad Btaibet is a member of the Jordanian Opposition Coalition, who has fled to Germany recently to seek asylum.




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