Netanyahu: It is 'absurd' of Iran to accuse Israel of terrorism

Shortly after Iran's president Hassan Rouhani accused Israel of making the situation in Syria worse by "supporting terrorists," Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded by saying Rouhani's claims are "absurd" and calling Iran "an octopus of terrorism."
Photo credit: Flash 90/Wikipedia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Iran "an octopus of terrorism" in a tweet on Wednesday, just hours after Iran's president Hassan Rouhani accused Israel of collaborating with terrorists in Syria.

"The absurdity knows no limit," Netanyahu tweeted. "The Iranian octopus of terrorism is accusing Israel of terrorism. If Rouhani isn't familiar with the terrorist activities committed daily by the Quds Force in Syria, Israel can bring him up to date."

During a meeting earlier on Wednesday with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in which the three leaders discussed the war in Syria, Rouhani accused Israel – referring to it as "the Zionist forces" – of making the situation worse by "violating Syria's sovereignty, bombing its territories and supporting terrorists."

In a joint statement following their meeting, the three leaders said they are committed to protecting Syria's sovereignty and to act against "the various initiatives to undermine it," though they did not mention Israel specifically.

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