PM Netanyahu Visits Syrian Wounded in Golan, Blames Iran for Continued Warfare

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits an Israeli Defense Force military hospital in the Golan Heights, which has lately provided medical attention to those injured in the Syrian civil war. He used the opportunity to criticize Iran’s policy of providing weapons to Assad’s regime.
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As the nuclear negotiations open today (Tuesday) in Vienna, Austria between six world powers and Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited an Israeli Defense Force base which has recently been providing medical attention to the injured in the Syrian civil war to the north. Earlier in the day, he toured the Golan Heights, together with the Minister of Defense and the Commander in Chief of the IDF, in order to get the full picture on the growth of terror groups in the region.

“On the day when negotiations between the world powers and Iran open in Vienna, it is important that the world see picture from this place”, said Netanyahu. “A place that separates the good from the bad in the world. The good part is that Israel is saving the lives of victims of the daily massacre being carried out in Syria. These are the true colors of Israel”.

Netanyahu continued, “The bad part of the whole story is that Iran is arming those that carry out these terrible massacres. All of the children who have been wounded, not to mention those that have been murdered, were hurt as a result of Iran’s policy of providing weapons, assistance and aid to Assad’s regime and the mass-murder that he commits”.

“From here, all that is left to tell the world today is that although the negotiations began today between Iran and the world powers, Iran has done nothing to change its aggressive and harmful policies; Iran has not changed its cruel tone and continues to support Assad’s regime while he massacres his own people. These are the true colors of Iran. The world must not forget this”, clarified Netanyahu.

Just as Netanyahu and senior Israeli officials were finishing up their tour of the Golan Heights, two mortar shells fell in the Golan from the direction of Syria. Although no injuries or damages have been reported, it appears that the bombs were misfired within Syria and ended up in the Golan Heights.

Netanyahu with the Syrian injured. Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon

Will negotiations with the Iranian bear fruit?

Negotiations began today between the Islamic Republic and representatives from six of the world powers in Vienna, Austria, as a continuation of November’s talks in Geneva on the development of Iran’s nuclear capabilities. The sides hope to reach a final agreement regarding the terms of Iran’s nuclear development, and at the head of the talks from the Iranian side will be Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. The world powers will be represented by European Union representative Catherine Ashton.

Netanyahu at the IDF hospital in the Golan Heights, today. Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon

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