Syria claims to have shot down an Israeli drone and plane

The Syrian media claims that an Israeli drone in the area of Quneitra was shot down. The IDF responded: “Anti-aircraft shots were fired at the planes but the planes were distant and they were not harmed.”
Archives Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

This morning, the Syrian media reported that an Israeli plane was shot down near Quneitra shortly after the Israeli attack upon Syria following mortar fire landing into Israel. It was also reported that a drone was shot down within Syria territory. Israel denied the report and said that the aircraft was not damaged.

The IDF made clear that no aircraft or drone was shot down in Syria but they did state that anti-aircraft shots were fired at the planes attacking Syrian positions. However, the planes were not damaged. The IDF stated that there were 2 ground-to-air missiles: “Air Force aircraft were distant from the source of the shooting and the shooting did not constitute a threat to our forces.”

The Syrian SANA News Agency reported that a drone and plane attacked the area of Quneitra at around 1:00am. “The aircraft and the drone were shot down,” they claimed.

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