Syria: Explosions heard in Damascus area; Army official says Israel attacked military base

The tensions along Israel’s northern border with Syria continue to rise in the aftermath of US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the nuclear deal. According to a senior Syrian Army official who spoke with Reuters, Israel attacked military targets near Damascus.
The alleged Israeli attack Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Syrian media outlets reported Tuesday night that loud explosions were heard in the Damascus area. According to Reuters, a senior Syrian Army official said that Israeli fighter jets attacked a military base near the capital.

The reports claim that several missiles were fired by Israeli fighter jets that were targeting military positions near Damascus. Some reports also stated that Syrian air defense systems were activated and fired at the missiles. It is suspected that Israel is carrying out a preemptive strike against Iranian targets amid reports that Iran’s forces in Syria are planning to launch a missile attack on Israel. Among the targets Israel has allegedly struck is an airbase that American missiles hit in the past.

Meanwhile, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman is currently at the IDF’s Kirya base in Tel Aviv. Israeli media reports claim that Liberman has updated his American counterpart about the latest developments.

These reports come shortly after US military officials told CNN that they believe that Iranian forces are on the verge of attacking Israel from Syria. However, the sources stressed that it is still unclear what type of attack Iran might launch.

Meanwhile, moments before US President Donald Trump’s decision was announced, the IDF told the local authorities in northern Israel to open their civilian bomb shelters after detecting “suspicious activity” of Iranian forces in Syria.

In light of the developments in Syria and the reports about Iran’s possible plans to attack Israel, the IDF called up Air Force and Intelligence Corps reservists. In addition, the Israeli Education Ministry has stated that all field trips that were supposed to take place in northern Israel tomorrow have been canceled.

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