Senior level Syrian Army official: Israel wants to derail ceasefire

A senior level official from the Syrian Army commented on the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attack and accused Israel of trying to escalate the situation along the mutual border. The source also claimed that Israel is attempting to derail the ceasefire.
The scene where a mortar shell landed yesterday Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Last night (Tuesday), the IAF attacked targets in Syria for the second time in one day after 3 mortar shells landed in the Golan Heights. This morning, a senior level official in the Syrian Army commented on the tension in the region and said that “it is an Israeli attempt to escalate the situation and derail the ceasefire that was brokered by Russia and the US.”

“Israel attacked an artillery post in Ein al-Burj near the eastern foothills of the Syrian Mount Hermon,” explained the source to the Syrian Arab News Agency. “The area was attacked by two rockets that were fired from a plane within Israeli airspace. As a result, one of the cannons was destroyed and the other was damaged.”

The Syrian military source added: “The Israeli attack is part of its support for the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists.”

Last night, JOL reported that IAF aircraft attacked cannons belonging to the Syrian Army in the center of the Golan Heights in Syria in response to the three mortar shells that landed in Israel.

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