Syrian rebels: “Our next mission is to conquer Israel”

In a dramatic new video clip about Al Qaeda’s war in Syria, the promising young Islamist rebel fighters stated that they won’t settle for the overthrow of Assad and Syria’s freedom: “Our next goal will be to free Palestine and the Golan. From there, we will continue our conquest.”

A team of reporters from the Vice News Network interviewed Al Qaeda fighters within the country.  From Vice, one can learn about the terrorist organizations activities in Syria, which indicates a more difficult picture today than in the past.  The jihadist rebels don’t hesitate to announce in front of the cameras, with their faces uncovered, their expansionist intentions.

 The article was published this week and was named “Syria: Al Qaeda’s New Home.”  It opens with the activities of Jabhat Al Nusra, a terrorist organization that began in 2012 and very quickly became an extension of Al Qaeda.  It is interesting to witness how the Syrian struggle began as a series of popular demonstrations that have transformed into brutal guerrilla warfare.  But what interests Israelis is what they plan to do after they control Syria.  

 The Jabhat Al Nusra group is feared in Israel and abroad.   It consists of young, highly motivated and experienced terrorists that are ready to take on the world.  During the filming, the commander Mohammed Hussein asks a 13-year-old child who calls himself Abu Omar whether he is ready to fight anywhere in the world.  His answer was “with Allah’s help.”  Then, a group of armed young men, who appeared like children, chanted in front of the cameras, “We are your soldiers, Osama.”

Al Qaeda fighter in Syria Photo Credit: Vice News

Abu Ali met the Vice team two years ago, when he was a 15-year-old teenager.  In those days, he was opposed to the revolution.  Today, he is 17-years-old, armed, and stated what all of us feared: “I thank G-d that he turned me into a jihadist to help my religion and free Syria from Assad.  At the moment that Syria will be freed, our next goal will be to free Palestine and the Golan Heights.   From there, we will conquer the entire world.”

 The Telegraph published an interview this week with Israeli officials which indicated that “the number of Al Qaeda fighters in Syria has increased from 2,000 to at least 30,000 in less than two years.”  In the Telegraph article, an Israeli intelligence officer warned that they could ignite the entire region and that they are a lot more dangerous than what is recognized: “After Assad falls and Syria is stabilized, they will invest in efforts to attack Israel.”   




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