Vulture from Israel who flew into ISIS war zone returned by Syrian rebels

A rebel militia commander called an Israeli woman who heads a humanitarian aid organization, and told her he had found a vulture from Israel with a broken GPS transmitter.
Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Syrian rebel forces have returned a vulture to Israel after it flew into an ISIS war zone, Israeli media has reported.

The vulture, labelled S-98, was released from Israel four months ago into a nature reserve in the Golan Heights. A while later, the bird's GPS tracking device stopped transmitting its location, causing concern among members of Israel's Nature and Parks Authority.

Gal Luski, the founder of an Israeli humanitarian aid organization called Israeli Flying Aid, received a phone call from the commander of a rebel militia, who told her the bird had been found.

"When we started to look into the man's identity, we found pictures of him on social media holding hawks and other birds of prey," Luski said. "That vulture was lucky to fall into his hands."

The commander, whose name was not stated, said, "I went up to him and caught him with my own hands. I would never kill him, he's a living soul."

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