Watch: Price tag attack in Kfar Na'ura caught on security cameras

The words “administrative price tag” were sprayed on vehicles parked along Road 21, which borders between Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo and Shuafat neighborhoods, and several of the vehicles’ tires were also slashed. Shortly afterward, a report was called in regarding a similar incident in Kfar Na’ura, which is near Afula. The Israel Police opened an investigation.

Footage of price tag attack in Kfar Na'ura

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About 20 vehicles parked between Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo and Shuafat neighborhoods were vandalized last night (Monday). The words “price tag” were sprayed on several of the vehicles, while some of the cars’ tires were slashed. “We will utilize all the means at our disposal to locate those involved,” the Israel Police stated regarding the incident.

Several hours afterward, the Israel Police received a report regarding an additional price tag attack: the words “administrative price tag” and “administrative revenge” sprayed on the walls of homes were located in Kfar Na’ura near Afula. Furthermore, eight local vehicles were found near the incident with their tires slashed. Israel Police investigators who arrived at the scene opened an investigation and collected evidence.

“I woke up this morning and saw that my car had been vandalized,” a Shuafat resident told Channel 2 News. “They wrote ‘Muhammad is a pig’ and ‘revenge.’ Four of my family members’ cars are ruined.”

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