Hamas prepares for next battle against Israel with new weapon

The terrorist organization has added a new short-range rocket that contains between 160 and 200 kg of explosives to its arsenal.
Hamas fires a rocket towards Israel, archive Photo credit: Channel 2 News

On Tuesday evening, Hamas boasted proudly of the terror organization's newest acquisition- short-range rockets that include an exceptionally large amount of explosive material. The new rockets contain between 160 to 200 kilograms of explosives and will pose a challenge to the Iron Dome system, which is designed to intercept longer range rockets.

It appears that Hamas has learned its lesson from past IDF operations and is now directing its attention to Israeli communities closer to the border and to IDF units that will be stationed in nearby staging areas should another ground operation take place. During Operation Protective Edge, mortar shells fired into a staging area located about 3 kilometers from the border, which killed and wounded a number of soldiers.

Hamas leaders at Mazen Fuqha's funeral in Gaza Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

In addition to targetting IDF staging areas, Hamas' new rocket, which is more powerful and therefore more destructive than their other weapons, will undoubtedly be aimed at Israeli communities near the border as well. This new addition to their arsenal sends a clear message: Hamas is preparing itself for next time.

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