Abbas urges UN to recognize a Palestinian state in mid-2018 summit

In a rare and brief address to the UN Security Council, the Palestinian leader denounced the US for its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital, calling it "dangerous" and "unlawful." He urged the UN to recognize a Palestinian state based on the 1967 borders.
Abbas addressing the UN Security Council Screenshot from YouTube

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas addressed the UN Security Council on Tuesday, attacking the Trump administration's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and calling on the international community to recognize a Palestinian state and Jerusalem as its capital.

Watch: Abbas' address to the UN Security Council

"We call to convene an international peace conference by mid-2018, which will be based on international resolutions and in which both parties will be present," Abbas said.

He added that the Palestinian leadership has made it clear to US President Donald Trump several times that it is interested in reaching a peace deal with Israel. "We reiterated our commitment to the two-state solution," Abbas said. "In a dangerous move, Trump took the issue of Jerusalem off the table."

Abbas sharply condemned the US for still viewing the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) as a terrorist organization. "How can their administration negotiate with us if it sees us as terrorists?" he asked.

Abbas also attacked the Israeli settlements, saying they violate international law. "Israel said it was willing to abide by UN treaties, but it isn't fulfilling its obligations," he said. "It seems to think it is above the law when it comes to settlements."

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