Israel Police devises alternative plan to metal detectors on Temple Mount

The Israel Police devised a pricey alternative that will provide permanent security not only at the Temple Mount, but for the entire Old City. The plan will be presented before the Israeli Security Cabinet an increase in security presence will be implemented.
Will the metal detectors be removed from the Temple Mount? Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), it was reported that research conducted by the Israel Police over the past few days with four of the leading security companies in the world lead to a possible solution towards replacing the metal detectors at the entrance to the Temple Mount. The solution apparently includes installing extremely advanced security cameras throughout Jerusalem’s Old City.

The technologically advanced cameras are capable of identifying items hidden underneath clothing or within other objects. The plan appears to be very pricey but until the proposal can be fully implemented, the entrance to the Temple Mount will have an increased presence of security forces and the current security cameras will remain.

The intention is for the advanced security cameras to be installed not only at the entrance to the Temple Mount, but throughout the entirety of Jerusalem’s Old City.

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