Watch: Israeli boy attacked by Palestinian youth recalls terrifying moments of the attack

Avitzur Liebman, holding back tears, retells the terrifying details from the moments he and his peers were under attack by a group of Palestinian youth today (Thusrday) in the West Bank. "They said that anyone over 18 years old would be slaughtered and the younger kids would be kidnapped...All the children began crying and saying ‘Shema Yisrael.’”

Watch: Liebman recounts the moments from Thursday's attack

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Hours after he and his friends became entrapped in an attack by Palestinian youths near the village of Qusra, Avitzur Liebman recounted the terrifying moments, which he and his friends experienced until they were rescued by IDF forces. "They said that anyone over 18 years old would be slaughtered and the younger kids would be kidnapped," Liebman said, in tears. "All the children began crying and saying ‘Shema Yisrael.’”

Liebman told Channel 2 News, "They surrounded us and told our chaperone with the gun to put the weapon in the holster and then let us go," he said. "He did it and then a young Arab came and grabbed the gun."

At this point, according to Liebman, the young Arabs began hurling stones at the group and taking their cell phones and bags. "They threw a rock at our chaperone’s head. He was injured and there was a lot of blood,” he repeated. "They started to yell at us and said they had already kidnapped one of our chaperones and now they would kidnap all of us.”

The rescue earlier today (Thursday) Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

As previously reported by JOL, a group of boys had set off on a bar mitzvah trip hike from the settlement of Migdalim and were walking towards the settlement of Kida. When they arrived near the Palestinian village of Qusra, they were attacked by several young local residents. One of the boys' father shot and killed one of the assailants.

During the attack, the boys managed to call the IDF and forces were dispatched to disperse the Palestinian attackers and rescue the group of boys, three of which sustained injuries.

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