Authorities Questioned Adam Stabber 2 Years Ago Over Facebook Posts, Family Says

Shin Bet security service declines to confirm if Muhammed Yousef was summoned to a meeting at its offices
Yahya and Khaled Yousef, family members of Muhammed Yousef, who stabbed three Israelis, killing one. They are pictured in the village of Kobar in the West Bank on July 29, 2018 (Adam Rasgon)

A teenage Palestinian who carried out a fatal stabbing attack in a West Bank settlement last Thursday was summoned by an Israeli intelligence service two years ago over Facebook posts, family members said this week.

Seventeen-year-old Muhammed Yousef of Kobar stabbed three Israelis in Adam, killing Yotam Ovadia, 31, and wounding the other two before he was shot dead.

“He and his father were summoned to a meeting with the Israeli intelligence services after he made a few posts on Facebook about the situation here,” Khalid Yousef, an uncle of Muhammed, said in an interview in Kobar on Sunday.

Yahya Yousef, Muhammed’s brother, confirmed Khalid’s comment.

Khalid and Yahya did not say which intelligence service summoned Muhammed.

A spokesman for Israel’s Shin Bet security service, the most likely possibility, declined to confirm if Muhammed had been summoned to its offices two years ago or at any other time. The Shin Bet monitors Palestinians’ Facebook posts for incitement and sometimes calls them in for meetings to discuss them.

A Palestinian Authority intelligence official did not respond to requests for comment.

According to Khalid, Muhammed and his father went to the meeting with the Israeli intelligence service, after which Muhammed stopped making Facebook posts about what he described as “the situation” in the West Bank.

He said he could not remember the specific content of Muhammed’s Facebook posts two years ago, but noted that it generally dealt with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Muhammed’s Facebook page is no longer searchable.

But a post he made just before carrying out the stabbing last week called on Palestinians to revolt and take up arms against Israel.

“O he who owns a gun and bullets, remember that there is an enemy to shoot…The time of the great revolution has come. Revolt,” he wrote.

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