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Cars set on fire and graffiti sprayed in a village near Beit El: “Regards to Kerry”

Another suspected price tag attack occurred in Samaria. Damage was caused to three cars that were apparently set on fire and graffiti was sprayed on the wall of a home in the village of Dura Al Kara near Beit El. The graffiti read: “Regards to Kerry, continue to come” and “For Judea and Samaria, there will be war.”

Dec 31, 2013, 04:06PM | Rivka Salomon
A message to US Secretary of State John Kerry

A message to US Secretary of State John Kerry Photo Credit: B'tselem

Another suspected price tag attack has occurred.  Vandals set fire last night to vehicles in the Dura Al Kara village near Beit El and sprayed graffiti on the walls of a home.  Among other things, they sprayed, “Regards to Kerry, continue to come,” “For Judea and Samaria, there will be war,” and “A lot of blood will be spilled in Judea and Samaria.”

 The police stated that three cars were damaged and that the crime unit is dealing with the incident.  Following the price tag attack this morning, Meretz MK Zahava Gal-On requested that the government will define price tag attacks as terrorism.  “The action that occurred last night is further evidence for the recent escalation in price tag attacks and that there is an urgent need to define them as terrorist acts,” she clarified.   

 “The violent actions of price tag attacks do not only meet the necessary requirements for defining it as terrorism, according to the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance, but do so at even a higher level,” Gal-On claimed.  “I don’t have a doubt that in light of the escalation in price tag attacks, you cannot permit the existing situation and to continue defining as an unrecognized association but you must take stringent measures regarding price tag attacks and define them as terrorism.”

Graffiti sprayed in a Palestinian village

Graffiti sprayed in a Palestinian village Photo Credit: B'tselem

The event last night comes after earlier in the month, graffiti was sprayed on a mosque in Baka al-Gharbiyya that read: “Mohammed is a pig,” “Regards from Boaz and David Hai,” “mutual responsibility” and “terror stones.”  In addition, they smashed the vehicles of seven cars parked near the mosque.

 After the terrorist attack in Afula that resulted in the murder of Eden Atias, vandals’ sprayed graffiti on a Palestinian home in a village north of Ramallah that stated “Regards from Eden” and “Revenge.”  Another home within the village was set on fire and five family members suffered from smoke inhalation.  

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