Channel 2 News interviews Gaza resident regarding electricity crisis

Electricity for only two hours per day, water in containers twice a week, rising unemployment and beggars everywhere. During a conversation with Channel 2 News, Sami Abid describes the worsening crisis within the Gaza Strip and the suffering of the residents, who are calling upon Hamas to fight with Israel.
“It’s better to die than to live like this” Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The power plant within the Gaza Strip is paralyzed and, as a result, a majority of the electricity provided to homes within Gaza is from Israel. Furthermore, the Security Cabinet’s decision will lead to a significant decrease in power supply to the already dark Gaza Strip. “Currently in Gaza, there is electricity for two hours every 24 hours,” Abid explained.

“There are generators powered by automobile fuel in hospitals and public institutions and it’s barely enough. As for the houses – Gaza City is divided into areas and the supply is continually replenished to different parts of the city.” The water supply is also faulty and the municipality fills containers twice a week.


“There is no life today in Gaza,” Abid claimed. “There is no electricity and no money for the residents. They don’t have money in order to eat, to drink and to buy cigarettes. Everybody is unemployed and nobody has money. The Hamas movement sits on one end and continues to wave its flag saying, ‘We are the opposition,’ and doesn’t do anything about Israel. The residents say: ‘If you’re the opposition, begin a war. It’s better to die than to live with enormous suffering.’”

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