French offer to sponsor the peace negotiations

French foreign minister pitched a plan to promote the Israel-Palestine peace process
Peace in two years or Palestinian recognition – Fabius AP

Laurent Fabius, the French foreign minister presented today (Friday) a plan to foster peace in the region in a short two year time frame. 

The French also added an ultimatum saying that if a long term agreement will not be achieved in two years, the French government will recognize a sovereign Palestinian state unilaterally.

Will they return to the negotiation table? Netanyahu and Abu Mazen Reuters

The French Parliament will recognize a Palestinian state

According to the reports the negotiation will be monitored by the UN security council, and will take place in French itself with representatives from the European Union and the Arab League.

This Thursday, the bid to recognize a Palestinian state will be discussed in the French parliament, and the parties expect a large supportive majority.

Another issue influencing the decision of recognition, is a large scale survey conducted in France recently showing that 63% of the French people support the creation of an independent Palestinian state. 

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