Goldin's family in new campaign against the government: "We have to reverse the prisoner equation"

The family of the IDF soldier whose body is being held in Gaza has published a video speaking out against negotiations with Hamas- and with a harsh message to Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman: "The time has come for Israeli captives to turn from assets to burdens, we have to reverse the equation."
Goldin family releases video in new campaign Photo Credit: Project Oz video/ Channel 2 News

Reports from the Arab press over the weekend regarding a prisoner exchange deal are being seen by some in Israel as a cynical public relations move by Hamas. The families of the soldiers whose bodies are being held by Hamas have made it clear that they have received no credible reports from Israeli officials about the negotiations and Israel has claimed that no such deal is in the making.

"There has been no significant breakthrough," said Defense Minister Lieberman, but "the effort has not stopped for a single moment." MK Tzachi Hanegbi added that "prisoners should not be released- not for information, not for bodies, not for infiltrators who entered Gaza." Education Minister Naftali Bennett agrees, insisting that Israel must not surrender to Hamas' demands.

Today, the Goldin family, whose son Hadar's body has been held by Hamas since he was killed in Operation Protective Edge in 2014, has decided to tackle its public fight against prisoner exchanges from a new direction: They created an informational film which criticizes Israel's handling of the situation thus far, particularly pointing fingers at the prime minister and defense minister, and offers ideas for how to reverse the ongoing and- according to them- failing, equation.

The video, which appeared on the "My Hadar" Facebook page under the title Project Oz or strength, ultimately rejects the idea of swapping live prisoners for bodies and believes that the answer lies in placing public pressure on the government to push Hamas to return the bodies to Israel.

"We can make those who return our captives or our deceased pay a high price for every moment they hold onto them," said Tzur, Hadar's twin brother, who believes that mobilizing public pressure on the right-wing government will bring about a change in direction. "The time has come for us to free ourselves from our limitations and from the equation that Hamas dictated for us."

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