Hamas Tries to Hack Israeli Cell Phones with Fake App

Designed to warn about anti-missile alarms.

The Israeli cyber company Clearsky reported on Thursday that the Hamas terrorist movement tried to hack the phone of Israeli citizens through a false version of the app that warns about anti-missile alarms.

Thousands of Israeli citizens have installed on their phones an application that sends notifications instantly when the sirens are activated by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. This fake Hamas app was intended to imitate the original version and install itself on Israeli phones, allowing them to track the location, record conversations, take photos and even send text messages.

The announcement by the Clearsky company came amid escalating violence between Israel and the Hamas terrorist movement that fired nearly 200 rockets at Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip. Clearsky also warned that this could be the first stage of a Hamas effort to conduct a series of cyber-attacks against Israel and its citizens.

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