Hamas releases video of alleged assassination of Mazen Faqha

A short film broadcasted by Hamas' television station claims to show footage from the elimination of senior level Hamas member Mazen Faqha last March. Three suspects who were apprehended by Hamas said that they received instructions from Israeli intelligence officers.

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On Tuesday morning, Hamas' official television station, the Al-Aqsa Channel, broadcasted a short documentary film that claimed to reveal the “assassins” of the organization's senior level member Mazen Faqha. The video showed footage from security cameras near the scene of the shooting in the Gaza Strip, in which a suspect can supposedly be seen shooting in the street. It appears that the suspect who allegedly eliminated Faqha got out of his vehicle, followed the senior level member and shot him in the chest and head.

The footage was broadcast as part of a 14-minute documentary film aired on Hamas TV. In the film, three Palestinians from Gaza who were arrested by Hamas claimed that they had eliminated the Hamas senior level member based on instructions given to them by Shin Bet agents.

Eliminated senior level Hamas member Mazen Faqha Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Last Thursday, Hamas political bureau chief Ismail Haniyeh claimed that Hamas has apprehended the men involved in Mazen Faqha's elimination. In the recorded interviews with the arrested suspects, the men claimed that they received orders from Israeli officers with code names like Bilal and Said. The interviewees’ faces were blurred as they described how they eliminated Faqha.

At the end of the film, the suspects cried and called on the young people of Gaza not to cooperate with Israel. According to them, the Israeli officers promised to protect them but in the end, they were caught.

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