Report: Israel uses drone to drop tear gas on Palestinian rioters for first time

A Lebanon-based media outlet claims that Israel used a drone to drop tear gas on Palestinians who were protesting near the Gaza border on Friday. If the report is accurate, the incident would be the first Israeli use of a drone for this purpose.
Rioters allegedly running as Israel drops tear gas on them Photo Credit: Screenshot of video on Al-Mayadeen's Facebook page

On Friday, Israeli security forces dropped tear gas on Palestinian rioters near the border fence in Gaza using a quadcopter, according to a Lebanese media outlet affiliated with Hezbollah.

The footage aired by al-Mayadeen allegedly shows the Israeli drone dispersing the tear gas on the Palestinian rioters as they flee the scene. If the report is accurate, this would be the first time that Israel has used a drone for this purpose.

Since US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, border protests and riots have turned into a weekly occurrence on Friday afternoons. During a protest last month, terrorists took advantage of the chaos and planted an explosive device near the border fence. They also planted a flag at the spot in order to draw the attention of IDF forces at a later time.

A day later, when IDF soldiers approached the area, the terrorists detonated the device, injuring four soldiers. In response, the IDF attacked Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.

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