Israel: 2 suspects arrested following attack on settler’s car, fatal shooting

Following yesterday’s attack in the West Bank, IDF and Shin Bet forces arrested the private ambulance driver who is suspected of blocking the path of the Israeli vehicle moments before the car was attacked and a Palestinian was killed. The ambulance was seized.
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Less than a day after the lynch attempt in Huwara, during which a 23-year-old Palestinian was killed by a settler, Shin Bet and IDF forces arrested 2 suspects, including the driver of the ambulance who blocked the settler’s path.

According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit, the 2 two suspects were directly involved in attacking civilians and vehicles in Huwara. In addition, the forces caught the bus that was used to transport the rioters and seized the ambulance that was used to block the path.

The ambulance Photo credit: Channel 2 News

Police stated that the ambulance driver “was seen blocking the path of the attacked vehicle and allowing the crowd to storm and attack the vehicle with stones-putting the driver’s life at a real risk.”

After being rescued by IDF forces, the Israeli driver recalled the moments of horror. He said that he felt the situation was life-threatening and managed to escape miraculously. “I returned from shopping,” he said. “The violent riot began in the center of Huwara. Luckily, I managed to escape and return home safely. I saw death in their eyes, I was almost lynched.”

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